Our Community - Pharmacogenomics in Singapore

SAPhIRE is the largest national pharmacogenomics initiative in Singapore focusing on adverse drug events, and follows a series of successful pharmacogenomics research efforts over the past decade. Research teams at medical schools, universities and hospitals have been active in this area for several years. One outcome of these pioneering efforts was the introduction of the first pharmacogenomics test approved in Singapore for preventing adverse drug reactions and has now become the standard of care for carbamazepine: HLA-B*1502 genotype testing: Towards safer use of carbamazepine. The SAPhIRE website provides the opportunity to link to other groups through a central site to enable easier interactions.

Note to clinical researchers: If you would like to provide a summary of your interests and a link to your website please contact SAPhIRE administration.

Pharmacogenomics Resources

  • The Singapore Pharmacogenomics Portal was established through a collaboration between A/Prof Yik-Ying Teo’s research group at the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health and A/Prof Cynthia Sung and the Pharmacogenetics team at the Health Sciences Authority.
  • Statistical Genetics - Links to studies using statistical genomics to interpret and subsequently utilize the genomics information, from discovery, to functional validation, and finally to clinical translation from bench to bedside to community health.   Projects include: Singapore Genome Variation ProjectSingapore Database for Genome-Wide Association Studies and the Singapore Sequencing Studies.
  • Health Sciences Authority (HSA) - The Pharmacogenetics Team (PGx) was formed in 2007, together with a Pharmacogenetics Expert Panel, made up of key experts from the academic, research and clinical sectors, to guide the HSA in these efforts. The team reviews pharmacogenomic associations as part of the risk assessment of selected drugs, recommends product label changes where appropriate and communicates important pharmacogenomic associations to healthcare professionals. It has embarked on research studies in collaboration with local hospitals to investigate possible genetic associations behind serious skin reactions and drug induced liver injuries.
  • The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health is an international coalition, dedicated to improving human health by maximizing the potential of genomic medicine through effective and responsible data sharing. Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS), one of the host institution of SAPhIRE is a member of the Global Alliance.



  • "AITbiotech is developing Personal Genomic Diagnostic (PGx) tests and assays especially Companion Diagnostic assays for detecting drug resistance and drug adverse side effects. Our main focus is development of tests for prediction of cardiovascular disease as well as tests on the effectiveness or adverse side effect of statins and anti-plalet drugs on patients. We are looking for collaborators for the development as well as clinical trials of our tests."  http://www.aitbiotech.com/

Asia Genomics

  • "Asia Genomics is a molecular diagnostics company specializing in clinical genomics & genetic testing. We research, develop and commercialize genomic tests that have a real impact on clinical decision-making, improve patient outcomes and ultimately reduce healthcare costs." http://asia-genomics.com/home/about-us/

i-DNA Biotechnology

  • "i-DNA Biotechnology Pte Ltd is a product- and service-oriented company. Using state-of-the-art technologies to detect and quantify multiple RNA and/or protein biomarkers simultaneously from any biological samples directly, i-DNA has the capability to design and custom-made specific biomarker panel based on RNA and protein. i-DNA offers assay development, validation of biomarker and contract research services from-sample-to-data for RNA and/or protein biomarkers. Customers from any industry with a scientific requirement to detect for the presence and quantification of RNA and protein molecules, in any biological sample will benefit from our “sample-to-data RNA and protein total solution”. This will save our customers upfront equipment investment and maintenance, specialist to operate the technologies and the running of the laboratory, which are often under-utilised. Over the past 10 years, i-DNA has been established in the South-East Asia and is known as a solution provider for RNA and protein biomarkers. Our company vision is to apply biotechnologies to validate the usefulness of RNA and protein biomarkers from research to functional applications, diagnostic and therapeutic uses." http://www.i-dna.sg

Vishuo Biomedical

  • "Vishuo Biomedical is a Singapore-based healthcare company dedicated to establishing precision medicine for prognosis, diagnosis and treatment of various life-threatening diseases. We deliver genomic data analysis and interpretation to research institutes, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies. The company’s knowledgebase iCMDB® (intelligence in Clinical Medicine for Decision-making and Best practices) is a manually curated knowledge base featuring comprehensive coverage biomarkers with their association with diseases and drug response. Currently, iCMDB® focuses on two applications: Molecular Oncology and Pharmacogenomics." http://www.vishuo.com/en/